1993 Chevy Aux. Hyd. 4-dr., 1-Ton Fairmont.
307 Hyrails Auto Crain, 350 Automatic $5,500

Fairmont Motor Car. 4-cyl. Ford. Works Great $1,500

FOR SALE - 1985 Chevy 1-Ton, Fairmont Hy Rail Gear,
307 New Transmission, Aux Hydraulic Power for hydraulic tools.

Pyke Regulator with winter attachments.
U-plow, Snow Blower, and Side Wings.
6V53 - Detroit Diesel

 Can Provide Snow Fighting Equipment


Geismar Tie Inserter-Extractor MRT-2

Kershaw Ballast Regulator Model A 26-2-10

For Sale 151 - Burrow 40, Excellent Machine

Kershaw Ballast Regulator Model A 26-2-10


Jackson Chase Tamper

High Speed Pyke Tye Crane

Jackson 6700

Jackson 6000

Railroad Ties

Railroad Rails

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